Finding out that your mate or spouse is having an affair is a dramatic event.  Feelings of angry and mistrust quickly surface.  How you coupe with it is very important.  Feelings of inadequacies with the questions of “What’s wrong with me? ” and “What did I do to deserve this?” come to light as well.  Unfortunately, questions about intimacy and desires are not communicated before hand.  How To Regain Intimacy After An Affair is a common question that both men and women ask themselves everyday.  What do you think is the best way to address this question?


  • bigjim says:

    How to regain intimacy after an affair? Easy, go out and have sex with a whole lotta women and you will over it. That’s what I did and it worked fine for me!

    • Gloria says:

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    • Arvind says:

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  • bob says:

    Apparently I logged on at the right time. BigJim, there is something seriously wrong with you and now I know. Obviously you are a man that is scorn. How to regain intimacy after an affair is very serious matter. Many people ponder the answer to this same question. It is not easy, but you can’t blame the next person for what someone else did. It is a day by day process and takes time. How much time is up to you. But if you decide to stay with that person, you must be willing to forgive, not forget. Learn from the experience and go forward from there. Both you and the person that cheated on you must be willing to talk and work through this difficult time. The cheater must be willing to do what it takes to make you feel secure and that you can once again trust them. If they are unwilling to undertake this simple, yet difficult task, then you should leave them alone! Trust, Communication and then Intimacy once again after you feel comfortable.

    • Nil says:

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    • Milton says:

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  • nightowl says:

    Finding out that your partner is having an affair is never easy. I don’t feel that anyone can or will ever fully recover from such an act. It is, in my opinion, a selfish act! If you can’t be happy with the one that your with, then leave them alone!

    • Daniel says:

      Is It Too Late?2 years ago. i turned to this guy after broke up with my ex. i never love him. for me i was only wtenad to confide in someone bt he ended up loving me wholeheartedly. deep inside i know tht he loves, cares for me n would do anything to make me happy. we coupled only for a short while as i treated him badly. i went back to my ex.last year, when i broke up again with my ex n was unwell, he came to me n showed a great care. i wrote about him in my blog and posted some of his smses. now i’m having an affair with a married man. he didnt know a single thing about it. to my surprise, he read my blog and found out da entries i wrote about him. he was very upset. i was asked to delete the blog bt i refused to do so n he started calling me with bad names. thus,i deleted the blog n chased him away. 1 day he apologised, sent me a card with a ball pen engraved with my name as a last gift. he promised not to bug me anymore. i tried to call him after tht but to no avail. i feel bad,is it too late?

    • Adauto says:

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  • ohmy says:

    I never recovered from my spouse cheating on me. I felt that the best thing to do was to leave her alone because I knew that I would do nothing more than torture her if I accepted her back.

    • nissomo06 says:

      What caused your spouse to cheat ? was it you or something else that nether here nor there. Just do the things you need to do to fix your issues an continue to spontaneous stuff so that you do not think of the affair an pour double energy back into your mate or spouse. Their is nothing impossible believe in your mojo an makes some happen even better than before.

      • Tea says:

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      • Jonatas says:

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    • Cris says:

      Because he didn’t want to upset you and because he has sonmihteg to hide. So, so you didn’t throw a fit and mess up his game he just disregarded your feelings and only thought of himself and what would ensure he had a good time on vacation. I’d say leave the relationship but it’s pointless and I doubt you will.

    • Montana says:

      we were done and I was filing, we aren’t dicrevod so it wasn’t right. So feeling guilty, I told my husband and he was crushed. He started crying and he said, Now I know how you felt all those times but I’m sure your pain was much worse. I told that guy that I can’t talk to him anymore. But now there is another guy and I dont know what to do. This guy is amazing, but I feel like I still should try at my marriage. I pray about it and sometimes I feel like God is telling me I have the right to move on, but then sometimes I feel guilty. I still love him very deeply, I never stopped. He’s working out of town right now but said he wants to drive up here to see me today. I told him I had to think. I don’t know what to do. I could see a relationship going far with this other guy, but I can also see my husband and I working things out but its gonna take a lot of work, and I guess I’m afraid I’ll get my heart torn out in the process again if it doesn’t work.

  • dreamcctrue says:

    Love is should help you to over-come but it don’t, it depends on the person if they can truly trust again. I’m not good at this topic, however I believe if the person that who cheated on you is sincere and not do things to cause suspicion on their self then yes a person can recover. But then again it that person tends to attracted doggs or doggets that there may be no solution until they can figure out what is it about there self that keeps attracting these kind of people?????? Um………..

    • Kelly says:

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  • nightowl says:

    How to regain intimacy after an affair is very difficult to say the least. The dishonesty and the fact of being with someone else other than your mate is very hard to stomach. The very thought of someone sharing themselves with another is hard to believe especially when you have been faithful in the relationship. Feelings of disgust may often come to mind when you think of what possibly transpired during the whole affair, but it is important to ask yourself, is the relationship is worth savaging? What are you willing to do in order to make it work, individual and couples counseling? And most importantly, can you trust that person every again? How to regain intimacy after an affair is a difficult question to answer, I feel that it is up to the individual person and what is important to them. However, with any issue in any relationship, communication is the key, so how do you regain intimacy after an affair, talk, talk and more talk.

    • Mark says:

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  • Kativik says:

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